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"Go to jail, go directly to jail.

Do not pass go, do not collect the hundred dollars."

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Personal Information:

Character Demographics:
Fandom: Kung Fu: the Legend Continues
Name: Peter Caine
Age: ~ 30 years old
Physical Appearance: Brown haired caucasian male, one quarter Chinese. 6'1" tall.
Education: He's definately graduated highschool, may have gone to college for some period of time, and has definately graduated the Police Academy (duh) and passed the Lieutenant's Exam.
Occupation: Police Detective
Significant Other(s): tend to die horrible deaths.
Sexual Preference: anything that can fill that angsty hole in his heart (in other words he's bisexual, as I'm playing him).

Character Biography:
History: Peter's mother died when he was very young. His father moved them to a Shaolin temple in California where he raised his son until he was twelve. When he was twelve the temple was attacked and destroyed. Father and son were seperated and one of the high priests, known as the Ancient, kept them seperated. He convinced each that the other was dead, going so far as to show them an elaborately mocked up grave. Peter's father went on walkabout and the Ancient took custody of Peter until he (for reasons still really unknown) faked a disease and then his own death.

Peter was handed over to the foster care system and ended up in an orphanage, where he was apparently a punk and signed up for 'at risk' seminars with local cops (think of a much cooler D.A.R.E. program). The visiting officer, Paul Blaisdell, took a shine to Peter and he and his blind wife (Annie) ended up adopting him. They already had two daughters, Carolyn and Kelly.

Fifteen years passed, Peter got into the police academy and made Detective at his adoptive father's precinct, the 101st, covering Chinatown. Right about this time his father (Kwai-chang Caine) wanders into the city, and finds the Ancient, and eventually runs into his son. They have a very touching reunion in the hospital after Peter pulls his father out of the Ancient's burning apartment.

Three years after that Peter has passed the Lieutenents' exam but decided to stay a detective in order to stay at his precinct. He's also gone through the ordeals to become a Shaolin priest, and then turned away from that path because he was still a cop at heart. Over this three year period his father disappeared without notice or explanation at least once, Paul Blaisdell (his adoptive father) went on walkabout himself and is presumed dead (his actor died of cancer), and Peter had several brief relationships with several different women.

At the conclusion of the series Peter's father is preparing to go in search of Peter's mother (who may actually still be alive) and Peter has made a dramatic exit from his life as a Detective.

Personality in seven words or less: seeks approval, desires affection, unable to commit, lonely

How Others Perceive Him: cocky, humorous, spoilt, loose cannon

Beliefs, Convictions, Morals: It's wrong to take a life, but sometimes it is necessary. You have to help people who need help, but not at the expense of innocents.

Reason(s) for Escaping to Canada: It's been a year since his father left and Peter still hasn't heard anything. He's tried to fill the hole left by his father's absence in the Chinatown community but the locals have not been particularly accepting. He's been isolated from his support system at the Precinct and spiraling further and further away from the spiritual balance that he had thought he'd achieved. Peter's decided to leave the city and go in search of his purpose once more. Any information on his father or mother would be an added bonus.

DHAs [Dreams, Hopes, and Aspirations] for Canada: Peter wants desperately to have a family of his own, a stable place and a person that he knows loves him unconditionally. But, specific to Canada, he's hoping to find his purpose as either an officer or a priest, he's dreaming of the day that his father will cross paths with him again, and he's aspiring to be a better man.

Anything Non-Canon that's Going Down [I.E. House and Wilson are married]: This Peter is bi-sexual, which was never addressed in the actual tv show so far as I know, though it was never directly contradicted either. Peter's male relationship (directly preceding his flight to Aternaville) is entirely non-cannon.